Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Senior Pet Care

Preventative medical strategies that address the needs of senior pets are at the forefront of senior pet care. Laboratory testing for early signs of disease is one of the most important things that you can do for the overall health of your senior pet. Early detection of disease is key in the successful treatment or control of many conditions affecting older pets. Therefore, we recommend routine comprehensive lab testing. The information gained from the results can be priceless in regard to your pets overall health.

Nutrition is a key factor in keeping your senior pet fit and in good health. Like humans, as pets age, their nutritional needs change. Obesity is a common problem for pets of all ages, but it can be especially debilitating in older pets who may already be experiencing arthritis. Obesity also increases the risk of serious disease and various other problems.

Due to the reduced activity levels of older pets and slower metabolism, feeding should be reduced to an amount and a diet that best fits your senior pets needs. If your pet is already overweight, we can help to begin a weight loss program that will benefit your pets health and quality of life.

Exercise is also a very important part of keeping your older pet healthy and trim. Start slowly with leisure walks in the park or your neighborhood. Not only will it benefit their health, but they will enjoy spending the extra time with you.

If your senior pet is experiencing one or more of the following signs, be sure to set up an appointment for a veterinary exam. What might look like simple aging could be a manageable health condition: Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping, increased stiffness or limping, loss of house training, increased thirst, excessive panting, circling, tremors or shaking, altered appetite or change in weight.

April is Senior Wellness Month. For more information on discounts available to your senior pet throughout the month of April, give us a call at 704-333-3336. 

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